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Preparing Your Home To Sell!

Thinking about selling your home in Southwest Florida? Here are a few suggestions to get it ready to list! 

1) Curb Appeal is crucial for the first impression for drive-by lookers and when the potential buyers arrive at your home. Realtors also want to see a home with a nice curb appeal. 

- Landscaping: make sure your lawn is immaculate, prune the bushes, weed the garden and plant flowers to give some color or leave planters near the garage and front door. 

2) Make sure you clean the entry and around the garage/driveway. 

- If your home looks dirty or sloppy from the outside, this will lead people to think you are not taking care of the inside of your home. 

- Clean out gutters and pressure wash/hose down the exterior to remove dust and spider webs. 

- Clean the front door and have a nice clean welcome mat 

- Clean the patio and front porch/entry

3) Make Repairs and if something breaks the day of showing, ask your listing Realtor to call the showing Realtor to let them know and leave a note that you are taking care of the problem. 

4) Organize closets, cabinets, and garage. Declutter, declutter, declutter! Buyers want to envision their personal belongings inside your home. 

5) Eliminate bad odors. Never cook something right before a showing, keep the wet dog outside, take away the pets and litter pan during a showing. Removing pet bowls also helps as some people prefer to not purchase a home if there were pets inside. 

We do offer our community reduced listing fees, call us for more information!

Michael Binder

100 Pro Realty 

(239) 822-8769

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